Design Manifesto

A considered approach

Design is important. The furniture around us affects how we feel, how we connect with the world and how we relate to one another. At Lyndon, we believe it’s our responsibility to design the best furniture we can.

Getting it right takes time. Our design process is careful, patient and considered. We draw and redraw our concepts, build prototypes and test them, then go through the whole process again and again until we’re satisfied that we’ve arrived at the perfect form.

Balancing modern and traditional

The skills of our craftspeople are central to our approach and we work closely with them to develop each new product, continually exploring finishes and jointing techniques that showcase our skillsets. In our workshops there is a beautiful balance between traditional and modern woodworking technologies – we use them together to create new shapes, forms, sections and profiles, pushing the boundaries with our woodwork and upholstery.

The timber excites us – its patterns and textures, how feels, its strength, what it smells like and even its little imperfections. By putting natural wood grain on show, each piece of furniture has something unique. When that’s combined with the patterns and weaves of the wonderful fabrics used in our upholstery the result is furniture people can’t help but touch. A sensory experience.

Refine and improve

The Lyndon aesthetic is modern, but we never chase trends. The long, arduous process of refinement that we go through with every design results in forms that will stand the test of time. Fashions may change, but our customers are able to enjoy their Lyndon furniture for decades.

This, alongside the build quality we are known for, makes Lyndon furniture better for the environment. Sustainability informs our design process, the materials we select and how we manufacture our products. We use renewable FSC certified wood, locally sourced wherever possible, and as much recycled and recyclable materials as possible in the upholstery.


The full lifecycle of our products is planned from the start, our supply chains are vetted, and customers can return Lyndon furniture to us when it’s time to refurbish. We’ll see to it that it’s reused or that its components are recycled.

Creativity and expertise

Collaboration is another important part of the Lyndon approach to design. A diverse breadth of ideas, knowledge and skills keeps our process fresh and innovative as we aim to improve on what has gone before. Our team in Cheltenham work with colleagues at Boss Design as well as with the industry’s leading designers and ergonomists to develop new products that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Collaborative + Connected

Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, different approaches – high-quality design relies on all these things. For decades, we have connected with and collaborated with some of the world’s leading product designers.

The results speak for themselves. Thanks to this collaborative approach, we have delighted customers globally with the quality of our finished products.

Mark Gabbertas

Nick Munro

Rex Johnson

Boss Design Team