Sustainable. Choices.

Our Commitment

With the world facing a climate emergency, every decision we make has environmental implications. As a furniture maker we believe it’s our responsibility to protect the natural world in every way we can.

How we manage our resources is crucial. To reduce our carbon footprint, the Lyndon workshops are powered by renewable energy. All our waste streams are carefully monitored to reduce waste and increase recycling. Working with local suppliers, reviewing the materials we use and how they’re sourced, and providing our customers with ways of renewing their furniture or passing it on so that it lives a second life are all vital parts of Lyndon’s sustainability strategy.


Our furniture represents the best design, build quality and materials, and is made to withstand the test of time. Inherently, this makes it more sustainable, which is good for us, our customers and the environment.

Designed for the Planet

By putting sustainability principles at the heart of our design process, we create furniture that is refined, comfortable and better for the environment. Design decisions aim to reduce the raw materials and energy that will go into a concept, and what will happen to that product over time. By designing low-carbon furniture that lasts for decades and can be reused and recycled, Lyndon is focused on a sustainable future.


Wood is nature’s ideal building material. Strong, long-lasting and renewable, it brings a biophilic element into the setting, which is why it’s central to everything we create. All Lyndon timber is FSC certified and we offer a wide range of natural and renewable fabrics, as well as fabrics made from recycled materials. Natural materials are part of the Lyndon aesthetic, and our respect for the environment is reflected in the choices we make designing each new collection.

Full Transparency

Sustainability is important to our customers too and Lyndon provides a full environmental product declaration for every piece we manufacture. These specifications include its carbon footprint, the amount of recycled and recyclable content and a complete list of ingredients used in its fabrication by weight. You can see exactly what goes into every Lyndon product – knowledge that may well help you meet your own sustainability objectives.

“The new furniture families we’re developing are lean and lithe, using less resources, but structurally solid, which is crucial for longevity.”

Phil Bennett, Design Director, Lyndon