Established in 1982, the Lyndon workshops in Cheltenham quickly gained a reputation for making carefully crafted, high-quality furniture that highlights our woodworking skills and upholstery expertise.

Comfortable, functional and designed for modern living spaces, our furniture has always blended style and sophistication with touches of traditional detail for a sense of timeless elegance. Because of their quality, our products have become a mainstay in hospitality settings including hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, spas and more.

In 2010, Lyndon merged with the Boss Design Group, and our superbly upholstered show-wood products began attracting commercial customers around the world. With workspaces growing more varied and organic, Lyndon furniture has become synonymous with the softening of the office.

Relaunching as a brand in 2023, Lyndon is developing new families of products that showcase our appreciation of timber and outstanding upholstery skills, and reflect the direction we believe the market is moving in.

The way we live, work and relax is evolving and the spaces around us need to reflect this change. Lyndon furniture provides home-like comfort and exceptional quality, using natural colours and textures to redefine today’s hospitality spaces – for a calming atmosphere that appeals to the senses.

Blending the knowledge and skills of our craftspeople with the precision of 21st-century technology, we design long-lasting timber furniture with timeless appeal.

Design & Detail

Design is important. The furniture around us affects how we feel, relate to one another and perform. That’s why we follow a careful, considered design process that strives to find the perfect form and the highest level of comfort.

At our Cheltenham workshops we design and make every component and assemble each item, all under one roof. Raw timber arrives through one door, beautifully crafted furniture goes out through the other.

Collaborative + Connected

Lyndon works with some of the industry’s finest designers, product architects and technicians, whose talent and experience lead to best-in-class timber furniture.

Nick Munro

Rex Johnson

Mark Gabbertas

Natural appeal

With each ring representing a year’s growth, and undulating patterns occasionally interrupted by knots and blemishes, there’s nothing more natural than feeling wood grain textures at your fingertips. And who can resist the touch of a softly woven fabric? We’re inspired by natural materials because they look and feel individual and bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to everything we create.


Sustainably made

As furniture makers, we know that everything we do can affect the environment. However, the longer a piece of furniture lasts, the lower its impact will be over its full lifecycle. Building high-quality, long-lasting furniture is the first pillar of sustainability in our business, followed up by responsibly sourcing all our materials and cutting our carbon emissions. Our drive towards sustainability has changed the way we operate.