Made in Cheltenham since 1982.



Lyndon is an artisan manufacturer with a 40-year British heritage, using responsible materials and a blend of traditional and 21st-
century processes. Furniture that creates a sensory experience and a destination space.

Designed and Made in Cheltenham

Based in Cheltenham, we specialise in crafting refined furniture, expertly upholstered for comfort and elegance. Careful, patient, meticulous – our design process thrives on smooth, organic lines, attentively shaped using both traditional joinery skills and 21st-century wood forming techniques.

The grain of the timber and texture of woven fabric inspires us to create furniture that looks modern and feels natural, grounded and comfortable to use. The simplicity of the forms is complemented by touches of traditional detail drawn from a heritage of over 40 years as a British furniture maker.

Made in Cheltenham

Since 1983 we have redefined how commercial spaces can work, introducing a range of high-quality upholstered products that bear all the hallmarks of intelligent design, engineering and craftsmanship