Raw timber to crafted comfort

Wood. It excites us, and it’s central to what we do. To get the most out of it, our process entails superb craftsmanship, intuitive design and attention to detail…


SAAB Work Lounge with Red Frog Maysa Lounge A great space to work, collaborate and play.       The brief to our design team was to create a modern and relaxed workspace for the UK headquarters at Saab. We did this by designing a contemporary, relaxed breakout space for the team to unwind from […]

Reducing Consumption

Reducing Consumption: Building a Sustainable Industry Sustainable Futures: Breaking out of the ‘make, use, discard’ pattern is crucial to sustainability in the commercial furniture industry by Ceri Lovett, Creative Director Consumption and production – ever linked – are the drivers of the world economy. However, if we continue to consume goods using materials from the […]

The Distracted Workplace

The Distracted Workplace Sound & Vision Why the distracted workplace isn’t just about noise   by Mark Barrell, Design Director The idea of a cocktail party might be a bit dated, but it is the perfect metaphor for describing one aspect of the most common complaints about modern office design.   An idea called the […]