Sustainable Design

Investing in tomorrow

What is sustainable design? For us, it means designing furniture for minimum impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce the embodied carbon in each piece of furniture we make and to design waste out of our products and processes.
Sustainable design presents us with multiple challenges and is opening many important conversations with our customers and suppliers.

The role of design in sustainability

One of the most direct ways of reducing the carbon footprint of a piece of furniture is to design it so that it uses less raw materials and less energy. In many cases, our design team works towards a lean and elegant aesthetic.

However, this doesn’t come at the expense of build quality. Alongside that lean approach, we engineer our products to last. Build quality has always been a priority at Boss Design and we support this by designing our furniture so that it is easy to maintain, repair and refurbish.

Today, we design all our new collections with circularity in mind. From concept, we ensure that they will be easy to disassemble so that components and materials can be separated, recovered, reused and/or recycled when a piece comes to the end of its serviceable life. New products are then made from the old.

How it looks, how it feels

Aesthetic appeal is also incredibly important when it comes to the environmental impact of a piece of furniture. Our designers have a talent for creating pieces that are comfortable, functional and elegant. The timeless quality of our furniture makes it difficult to part with.

Investing for the future

At Boss Design we invest about 4% of our annual turnover in research and development, with the majority of that devoted to sustainable design and exploring how we can move to a circular production model.

We believe that creating beautiful furniture that lasts a generation, rather than five to seven years, is the essence of sustainable design in our sector. It’s the most effective way of reducing the amount of energy and materials our industry consumes, and the amount of waste generated.

“Our goal is to design beautiful products with longevity, that don’t harm our environment and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.”

Mark Barrell, Design Director

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Sustainable Design

Investing in the future

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